Which Site is the best Online Guitar lesson for beginners

Which Site is The Best Online Guitar Lesson For Beginners?

Technology has broken some of the limits we as humans previously had. It has enabled seamless communication that is not limited by distance as well as the ability to learn anything from anywhere. Learning the guitar has changed from long hours next to a tutor, to several sessions with your phone or pc through guitar learning websites. Different institutions and individual who are pros at the instrument have taken to the internet to spread valuable skill. This may be done at a fee especially for advanced packages on even free for certain basic skills. Al these are however dependent on the individual tutor. The different guitar learning websites used may vary on their mode of teaching, but most of them do incorporate videos that the learner can easily follow.

Trying to get the best website for you may however be a daunting task. The internet is filled with them and you may easily find you self-paying for lessons from some mediocre sites that do not provide any useful lessons.

 So what are some of the best guitar lessons online out there?

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Ultimate guitar tabs si has over the last year created a good reputation for itself, cementing its place firmly in the guitar community.  The site is perhaps among the very few that do have a five-star rating among its users, a great fete for an online guitar learning website. The site has different tabs for different packages users can learn. All these tabs have a five-star rating. Despite all the good stuff people have to say about the site, it can be a bit hard to use, especially for new users. 

Guitar Tricks

Rarely, will you miss the words guitar tricks and online guitar lessons in the same sentence? The site has a good reputation and is also a favourite among intermediate players and beginners. The site is filled with an unbelievable number of video lesson and content to always keep the users engaged. Not only is it filled with numerous videos, but also has a top-notch organization that helps beginners easily climb up the ladder. Guitar Trick’s model is also one of the best anywhere in the online guitar lessons’ world. The site has a very open 14-day free trial option that is user-friendly. Users who would like to start membership pay a monthly fee of $19.95 which allows them access to the many lessons guitar tricks has to offer. To make things better, the site is mobile friendly, allowing you to access the content on your smartphone, anywhere you are.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Justin Guitar

Justin guitar is a common phrase among YouTube users who seek guitar lessons. Justin guitar has gained quite a following, gaining over half a million followers. In his website, Justin Guitar has created a good organization of his lessons for users at any level. Beginners can jump into the beginner’s course section while those who would like to pay special attention to a particular technique can do so on the relevant section. Justin Guitar also provides several apps on the iPhone, some of which are paid for. The apps act as an extension to his lessons. The great thing about Justin Guitar is the fact that most of the lessons are free but at the same time packed with useful content.

Jam Play

JamPlay has been argued by many online guitar lessons enthusiast as a stiff competitor to guitar tricks. The site is packed with around 5000 lessons, a great fete for any guitar lesson website. The many videos make it a very comprehensive site that is guaranteed to provide any guitar lesson a learner can think of. The organization and comprehensiveness of the site make it reasonable to charge a monthly fee of $19.95 or a quarterly fee of $49.95. This complemented by a free trial of only 7 days.

Getting the best guitar lesson online does not have to be an insurmountable task. There are many people who have tried out the different sites and whose reviews have enables the identification on the best sites out there. With the growing competition among sites, however, things will definitely get better. Different sites will work to improve the quality of lessons they offer as well as the comprehensiveness of their content.